PLACE OF BUSINESS:  610 S. Oliver, Wichita Kansas 67218

OTHER PLACE OF BUSINESS:  14288 s.w. Santa Fe Lake Road, Augusta Kansas 67010

OTHER PLACE OF BUSINESS:  9932 s.w. Eugene Road, Augusta Kansas 67010 ( Auction Gallery )

OTHER PLACE OF BUSINESS:  8717 W. 110th Street, Overland Park Kansas 66210

OTHER PLACE OF BUSINESS:  7280 N.W. 87th Terrace, Kansas City Missouri 64153

LICENSING:  Multiple Licensing Authorities including but not limited to:

     *  State of Kansas Real Estate Commission - Real Estate Broker & Real Estate Salesperson

     *  City of Wichita Kansas Auctioneers License

     *  City of Independence Kansas Auctioneers License

     *  State of Missouri Auctioneers License - Taney County, Missouri

     *  Other License and Associations 

ASSOCTIATIONS:  Member of Multiple Associations

     *  National Association of Realtors

     *  Kansas Association of Realtors

     *  South Central Kansas Association of Realtors

     *  National Association of Auctioneers

     *  Other License and Associations

Larry Hisken - Facebook Review

​Been to several auctions in the last 30 yrsin the wichita area .your sales have always had me diggn in my pockets for more money than i came there intended to spend.....that to me is a good sale and if a person write on your website that he thinks your unprofessional on the way you get a couple of rings going or someone left the stuff they bought in the yard now the crew fault and gets blamed for it they need to go let Bud Palmer be rude to them for a sale and they will learn how good they had it a one of little bulls sales....

7,322Facebook Fans of Little Bull Auction & Sales Co. with 41 reviews and a 4.65 STAR Rating

A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau for Little Bull Auction & Sales Co.

     *  Factors that raised Little Bull Auction & Sales' rating include: Length of time in business and/or has been operating.  Lack of complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size. - See more at:

The Better Business Bureau Website.

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Lhassa Gardner - Facebook Review

I am very pleased with the way they are handling my sister's Auction,they are a bunch of very nice people & know what they are doing,could not be more pleased,my sister is very pleased as well.

5 STAR Rating and Review on Yelp for Little Bull Auction & Sales Co.  

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Mary H.

We attended all 3 Auctions held for the Lunt Estate in Fort Scott and as friends of the Family and customers of the Auction, we were very impressed with the professionalism and service provided by the entire auction staff.  We had a fantastic time and ended up buying many fantastic pieces.  Thanks for saving the home.   Sincerely Mary Hampton


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Yelp Review for Wichita Kansas Auction Company - Yelp Review for Wichita Kansas Auctioneer - Yahoo Local Online Review for Wichita Kansas Auction Company

Yahoo Local Online Review for Wichita Kansas Auctioneer - Reviews from the Better Business Bureau for Wichita Auction Companies - BBB Review Wichita Auction

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One of the Best Auction Companies - Auction House and/or Auctioneers in Wichita Kansas is Little Bull Auction & Sales Co. - Established in 1997 with great reviews and 1000's of happy Sellers and 100,000's of happy Buyers served since inception.  Fort Scott Kansas Auction Company with Good and/or Great Reviews.  Fort Scott Kansas Auctioneer, Bourbon County Kansas Auction Company specializing in Land & Home, Estate Auctions, Antiques & Collectibles.  One Stop Shop for an Auctioneer in Wichita Kansas and the Surrounding Area.  One Stop Shop for an Auction Company in Sedgwick County Kansas.  Auction Company in Butler County Kansas.  Real Estate Auction Company in Wichita Kansas.  Real Estate Auction Company in Sedgwick County Kansas.  Real Estate Auction Company in Butler County Kansas.  Real Estate Auctioneer in Fort Scott Kansas, Auctioneer in Ft. Scott Kansas, Ft. Scott Kansas Real Estate Auction Company, Ft. Scott Kansas Auctioneer and Auction Company.  Land Auctioneer in Sedgwick County Kansas, Land Auctioneer in Butler County Kansas, Land Auctioneer is Cowley County Kansas, Land Auctioneer in Elk County Kansas, Land Auctioneer in Greenwood County Kansas, Land Auctioneer in Bourbon County Kansas, Land Auction Company in State of Kansas. 

4.65 STAR average rating and review ( combined average with data culled from multiple review sites )

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Company Office:                                                                                                Auction Facility:

LITTLE BULL AUCTION & SALES CO.                                   LITTLE BULL AUCTION BARN

610 SOUTH OLIVER STREET                                                 14288 S.W. SANTA FE LAKE ROAD

WICHITA  KANSAS  67218                                                     AUGUSTA KANSAS 67010

316-683-2855  OR  1-800-508-2855​                                      316-681-3008  OR  1-800-508-2855

WWW.LITTLEBULLAUCTION.COM                                                   WWW.LITTLEBULLAUCTION.COM

Kansas City Kansas Office:                                                                               Kansas City Missouri Office:
Overland Park Kansas                                                                                      Zona Rosa Retail District
Auction & Real Estate Office                                                                           Auction & Real Estate Office
8717 W. 110th Street                                                                                       7280 N.W. 87th Terrace
Overland Park Kansas 66210                                                                          Kansas City Missouri 64153

316-683-2855  OR  1-800-508-2855​                                                                  316-681-3008  OR  1-800-508-2855
WWW.LITTLEBULLAUCTION.COM                                                                    WWW.LITTLEBULLAUCTION.COM

RECOMENDATIONS - Would this be a Company you would want to hire?

Jon Day - Facebook Review

My first auction conducted by Little Bull at Peterson Hardware in Altamont, KS.  To their credit, their auctioneers were friendly and easy to understand, they had a good sound system, their clerks accurately recorded sales, and the checkout process was fast and easy.

Pam Sawyer, December 2016 - Facebook Review

​This auction company is absolutely outstanding. Their customer service is a breath of fresh air! I am a happy customer!

Chris Glock - Facebook Review ​

A BIG Thank You going out to Troy Watts, Owner of Little Bull Auction & Sales Co. and Watts Realty.  Thank you so much for all your hard work Troy,  You ROCK!!! :-)  I Highly recommend Troy and his team!!  

Tanya Adair - Facebook Review

This is my parents favorite auctioneers! They are always great! Love the staff!  ❤️


Dan & Connie Glock, May 2017 Auction - Facebook Review

​Dan and I want to thank everyone at Little Bulls Auction!!!! Our sale was amazing and you all worked hard to make our day as perfect as it could be. We also want to thank everyone who attended our Auction. You all were so polite in respecting our property. We pick up 3 pieces of trash and that is all the trash that was on the ground with over 300 people out here THANK YOU!!! We would highly recommend Little Bull Auction to any of you needing someone to do your auction. They are very professional and know what they are doing. Clean up was a breeze our place looks as nice as it did before the auction.  BIG THANK YOU TO TROY WATTS AND HIS STAFF!!!! Your Awesome
Dan & Connie Glock

Little Bull Auction & Sales Co.

 Ratings, Reviews & Information for Little Bull Auction & Sales Co.  Established in 1997 with an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau & 4.6 STAR Average Review.

In Summary, YES.  Little Bull Auction & Sales Co. is a Company you can trust with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an average 4.5 STAR review spread across the internet.  It is obvious this Company has a track record of success and positive customer service both in the Real Estate and Auction Industry.

5 STAR Rating and Positive Reviews on YP for Little Bull Auction & Sales Co. 

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Madeline S. 01/12/2015
I was asked by Mr. Watts to provide an honest review of how I felt they did helping me sell my Mom's Estate that included all of her antiques, collectibles, furniture, household as well as the Real Estate. I am happy to report it was a 5 Star experience with excellent service from beginning to end. The entire staff was great to work with and went above and beyond. You see, I live out of state and due to my schedule I was unable to really handle much. The staff of Little Bull Auction took care of everything from the auction to the clean up as promised, they even separated and mailed me a lot of personal items that I had missed when I was able to come to town. I can not express how much I appreciate seeing the old army photo's of Dad that they came across and saved for me. That is just something that could not have been replaced. After the Auction, because the home did not sell, the auction staff completed a full, whole house cleanup including carpet cleaning to make the home presentable for sale. What amazed me most is they sold the house two weeks later for full asking price. I really thought it wouldn't sell until spring. Thank you Mr. Watts and to his staff for all of your hard work, It was a pleasure. YES, I would recommend you to anyone who is in my situation.


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